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Are you planning or carrying on the implementation of SAP system ?
Or maybe you are already using it and looking for support ?
Please continue visiting my website if the answer for any of these questions is "YES".

For more then 10 years I have been providing complex services for implementation and support of financial modules of SAP system for entities in various branches and of different sizes. With my economic education, relevant experience within financial accounting sector as well as SAP certificates, I provide my services with the guarantied quality and accordance with financial and fiscal regulations.

Furthermore, with my technical IT background and extensive development practice I design and simultaneously develop non-standard solutions eliminating necessary comunication time in classic consultant-developer team. Thanks to this I simplify remarkably and speed up the realization of such projects. For the existing systems I can offer the audit of implemented non-standard solutions with their code analysis and recommendations for potential improvements and optimizations.

On this website you will find detailed information about my competencies and experience so far.

For more complex projects with other functional modules (MM, SD or others) I cooperate with experienced functional consultants and play a role of project coordinator.

I am looking forward to responding to your enquiries and answering potential questions. If so, please use the information in section Contact.

With regards
Grzegorz Majewski


  • Name and surname: Grzegorz Majewski
  • Technical education: - Master Engineer degree
    • Silesian Technical University - Gliwice, Poland
  • Financial education: - MBA degree
    • High Business School (Poland)
    • Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands)
    • National Louis University (USA)
  • Location: Katowice (Poland)
  • Area of service: Poland, Europe, World
  • Status: Contractor
  • Availability: send enquiry
  • Experience: since 2001 (details)
  • Roll-out projects: 10+ (details)
  • Full cycle projects: 10+ (details)
  • Speciality: SAP FICO
  • Other competencies: FSCM, ABAP, SapScript, Smartforms, PDF forms (details)
  • Certificates: MYSAP FINANCIALS ERP (2004)
  • Languages: English (fluent), German (basic), French (basic), Russian (basic)

I am providing complex consulting services for the following SAP modules:

  • FI (Financial Accounting)
    • S/4HANA Finance – advanced level
    • S/4HANA Central Finanse (CFIN) & Central Payment (CPAY) – advanced level
    • FI-GL / New GL – General Ledger – expert level
    • FI-AP – Accounts Payable – expert level
    • FI-AR – Accounts Receivable – expert level
    • FI-AA – Asset Accounting – expert level
    • FI-SL – Special Ledger – advanced level
    • FI-CM – Credit Management – advanced level
    • FI-LA / ACE – Accrual Engine – advanced level
  • FI-NewGL (New General Ledger) – expert level
    • Standard and customized reporting in New GL architecture
    • User fields in New GL architecture (coding block extensions)
    • Document splitting
    • New GL scenarios
    • Online integration between FI and CO
    • Planning in New GL
    • Distribution and Assessment in New GL
    • Integration with other modules/functionalities (Fixed Assets, Valuation Areas)
    • Profit Centers Accounting in New GL
    • Migration to New GL
  • FI Treasury - Bank interfaces (outgoing, incoming), DMEE, Payment Medium Workbench, XML – expert level
  • SAF-T - Single Audit File - advanced level
  • FI Integration with MM and SD modules – advanced level
  • FICO system architecture (designs and audits) – expert level
  • FSCM - Financial Supply Chain Management – advanced level
    • FSCM-CLM – Credit and Liquidity Management – advanced level
    • FSCM-COL – Collection Management – advanced level
    • FSCM-DM – Dispute Management – advanced level
    • FSCM-CR – Credit Management – advanced level
  • FM (Funds Management) – intermediate level
  • EC-CS – Consolidation – intermediate level
  • CO (Controlling):
    • CO-CEA – Cost Element Accounting – advanced level
    • CO-CCA – Cost Center Accounting – advanced level
    • CO-IO – Internal Orders – advanced level
    • EC-PCA – Profit Center Accounting – advanced level,
    • CO-PA – Profitability Analysis - intermediate level

Depending of the project specificity and scope, my services can comprise any combination of the following steps:

  • Presales presentations for those who want to evaluate their needs against the funcionalities of the system;
  • Preparation of Business Blueprint;
  • Configuration of the system based on Business Blueprint;
  • Development of extensions and non-standard functionalities;
  • Any kinds of trainings: initial and funcional for final users or advanced for key users and consultants;
  • Preparation of test scenarios;
  • Preparation of user manuals;
  • Preparation of technical documentation of configuration and development carried out in the system;
  • Realization and coordination of functional and integration tests with their documentation;
  • Data migration;
  • GoLive support;
  • Post GoLive support with ticket handling service;
  • Audit of productive SAP systems for their compatibility with existing accounting and tax legal requirements;
  • Audit of non-standard solutions with the source code analysis;
  • Project management

For processes or functionalities not covered by regular SAP modules I can provide additional development. As functional consultant with business knowledge in financial area as well as with strong technical background I can define both the process and the way how it should be abap-coded to achieve its expected result. Thanks to this I am simplifying and speeding up the development process.

I also can offer "code analysis" for these systems which currently are extended with non-standard functionalities that require improvement and optimization.

I am using following SAP technologies:

  • ABAP - development and code analysis - advanced level;
  • BRF+ - advanced level;
  • LSMW / SHDB - data migration - advanced level;
  • SAP Query - advanced level;
  • Report Painter - intermediate level;
  • SapScript - intermediate level;
  • SmartForms - intermediate level;
  • PDF Forms - intermediate level;
  • Records Management System (RMS) – intermediate level;
  • Case Management – intermediate level;
  • SAP Business Workflow - basic level;
  • Basis - basic level.

I am offering ready-to-use addons of my concept, which extend standard SAP functionalities in FI area.
Here are exemplary solutions already implemented in the systems of my clients:

  • Property tax report for fixed assets based on easy-to-configure client table;
  • Two step process (entry and approval) for managing fixed assets acquisitions and retirements with functionality of printing relevant documents;
  • Complex functionality for reporting Income Tax (CIT) integrated with all SAP modules;
  • Integration of General Ledger with Hyperion;
  • Package of integrated automatic functionalities for month-end VAT clearing;
  • Integration of SAP system with fiscal printers.

I am providing wide range of trainings for both beginners and advance users. Scopes and methods of trainings can be taylored to individual needs. I can also provide standard SAP trainings based on materials purchased by the client directly in SAP. Following list presents standard SAP trainings, that I can provide for you:

  • SAP01 - SAP Overview
  • SAPFIN - SAP Financials
  • AC010 - Business Processes in Financial Accounting
  • AC040 - Cost Management and Controlling
  • AC200 - Accounting Customizing I: General Ledger, Accounts Payable
  • AC201 - Payment and Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation
  • AC202 - Accounting Customizing II
  • AC205 - Individual Account Closing
  • AC206 - Parallel Financial Reporting
  • AC210 - New General Ledger
  • AC212 - Migration to the New General Ledger
  • AC220 - Special Ledger
  • AC260 - Additional Features in Financial Accounting
  • AC280 - Reporting in FI
  • AC305 - Asset Accounting
  • AC400 - Programming in Financials
  • AC405 - Cost Centers and Internal Orders
  • AC410 - Cost Center Accounting - Advanced Functions
  • AC015 - Overhead Cost Orders
  • AC605 - Profitability Analysis
  • AC610 - Profit Center Accounting

Table below presents the most important projects I have been participating in within last 13 years.
Besides, I have been cooperating with numerous other companies (which are not mentioned here) providing them current support or trainings.

*TYPE: F - Full cycle, R - Rollout, U - Upgrade.

R2021-2023SteelworksFR, PLSAP ECC NewGL, AA, AP, AR, Banking, FSCM-DM, FSCM-COL, FSCM-CR
R2020-2021Construction IndustryDK, FI, NO, PL, SE, UKS/4HANA NewGL, AA, AP, AR, Banking, FSCM-DM, FSCM-CR
F2020-2020PharmaGlobalS/4HANA Central Finance: O2C, AR, FSCM-COL, FSCM-DM, FSCM-CR
F2019-2019Chemicals45 countries, 114 entitiesS/4HANA FI: NewGL, Taxes
R2018-2018PharmaDE, KR, MY, PH, SG, TH, VNFI: NewGL, Taxes, AA
R2017-2018PharmaBE, DE, DK, ES, IT, NL, PT, ZAS2P/P2P Stream Lead
F2016-2017PharmaDE, AT, BE, ES, NLS/4HANA Finance
R2015-2016BankingPLFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR,ACE
R2014-2015Construction MachineryAE, TR, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA; FSCM
R2014-2015Tool EngineeringDE, IT, FR, GB ,ES, PT, PL, TR, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA; FSCM
R2014-2015AutomotiveDE, IT, FR, GB, ES, CZ, UA, US, CA, MX, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA; FSCM
R2013-2015Electronic equipmentTR, US, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA
R2013-2013Plant maintenanceBR, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA
R2013-2013AutomotiveMX, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA
R2012-2013Cable industryGB, DE, IT, CZ, JP, SGFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA; FSCM: COL,DM
F2011-2013Steel industryPL, USFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA,PA; FSCM: CLM
F2010-2011TV and BroadcastingPLFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR
U2010-2010Publishing housePLFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2009-2010Retail - Hypermarket chainPL, FRFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM,PCA; FSCM: CLM
F2009-2009Education - public sectorPLFI: NewGL,AP,AR,AA,TR; FM
R2009-2009Oil & gas industryPLFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2008-2009Hydraulic equipmentPL, DEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM
R2008-2008AutomotivePL, DEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR; CO: OM
F2008-2008Aviation industryPL, USFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2008-2008AutomotivePL, DEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
F2007-2008Mining industryPLFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2007-2007Plastic industryPL, DEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2007-2007Electronic equipmentPL, BEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2007-2007Metal equipmentPL, SEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
R2006-2007Printing industryPL, DEFI: GL,AP,AR,AA,TR
F2006-2006Waste treatmentPLFI: GL,AP,AR,TR
F2006-2006Human resourcesPLFI: GL,AP,AR
F2005-2006Chemical industryPLFI: GL,AP,AR
F2003-2005ConstructionsPLFI: GL,AP,AR (Junior)
F2001-2003RetailPLFI: GL,AP,AR (Junior)


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